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Dive into the Future of customer insights

Introducing AI Audiences – Where Data Meets Persona

Welcome to the forefront of audience engagement with Uranos's pioneering project: AI Audiences. In this groundbreaking initiative, we're not just analyzing data; we're breathing life into it, crafting dynamic personas and audiences that transcend traditional market research.


Powered by our proprietary micromilieus and enriched with the latest in Large Language Models (LLM) data, our virtual audiences represent the pinnacle of precision and personalization.

Crafting Audiences with Unprecedented Precision

At the heart of AI Audiences lies our commitment to a deep understanding of consumer segments. By integrating our clåss-leading micromilieus with sophisticated LLM data, we create virtual personas that aren't just figures; they're the very essence of target demographics.


These AI-driven audiences embody the behaviors, preferences, and nuances of real consumer groups, offering an unparalleled tool for market analysis and strategy development.


Why AI Audiences? 
For Insight That Speaks

Bespoke Personas

With AI Audiences, every persona is a masterpiece, crafted with attention to the socio-demographic and psychographic details that define real consumer segments. This level of customization ensures that strategies and content resonate on a deeply personal level.

Dynamic Engagement

Our audiences are more than static models; they're interactive, evolving entities that provide real-time feedback and insights. Engage with them, test strategies, and refine approaches with a level of feedback that's traditionally been out of reach.

Future-Ready Marketing

As the digital landscape evolves, so too do the demands on market research. AI Audiences place you at the cutting edge, equipped with tools and insights that future-proof your strategies and ensure relevance in an ever-changing market.

Your Gateway to Deeper Connections

With Uranos's AI Audiences, embark on a journey of discovery and engagement unlike any other. Our innovative approach opens up new vistas for understanding and interacting with your target audience, transforming data into deep, actionable insights. This isn't just the future of market research; it's the future of how we connect with the world.

Join us, and let's create connections that count. Welcome to AI Audiences by Uranos – where every persona tells a story, and every insight shapes the future.

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