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 Leading values-based audience segmentation clåss 

Shared values are key to building lasting relationships with your audience

Today, 8 billion people live on earth. We all differ in personality, lifestyle and culture. With some people we immediately feel deeply connected, others remain strangers. Empathy arises when we feel understood and meet people who share our views and thus our values. 


Shared values are not only important in interpersonal relationships. Brands and institutions also need to understand the values of their audiences and align their actions with these shared values, especially in rapidly changing societies. Our socio-cultural classes create the necessary data-driven foundation. 

Our socio-cultural micromilieus, available for 20+ countries

How can you understand your specific audiences, what’s valuable to them, their underlying motivations and engage them efficiently and precisely? How can you use signals in micromilieus to understand tomorrow’s substantial societal and cultural change?

One of the world’s most comprehensive data bases providing unique insights


online & face-to-face interviews


socio-cultural micromilieus


markets worldwide 


value dimensions per market

Empower Your Decision-Making with AI

Uranos AI categorizes people according to their social status and value orientation. Social status provides information about educational level and income, while value orientation describes people's basic attitudes and can be roughly divided into conservative, modern and progressive values.


Decoding values and attitudes is central to any future business strategy as they have a critical impact on what people find valuable in life and what they do on a daily basis.

The Underlying Mindsets of Sustainability in Different Segments

Will to Reform and Social Responsibility

Sustainability out of solidarity and in the course of will to reform.

Clean Tech and Future

Sustainability in the context of better consumption and as a future factor.

Lifestyle and Self-Expression

Sustainability as lifestyle and expression of a modern personality.

Existential Axiety and Self-Image

Sustainability as an existential problem and generational identity.

Bespoke AI powered micromilieu solutions and clustering algorithms

How can you create bespoke AI powered segmentations aligned to your needs to engage with your audience better than your market companions? How can you cluster your audience more precisely while creating a convenient respondent experience using AI-based allocation algorithms?

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of India

A Deep Dive into Cultural Differences and Social Micromilieus

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