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Optimize your data survey processes to create true insights 

Make smart decisions based on high-quality data

Data Sourcing

What are the best data sources that ensure excellent insights for your strategic business decisions?


How can you optimize the respondent experience, increase their attention and motivation to improve survey quality?

Data Cleaning

How can you identify false data using intelligent contextual algorithms that go beyond conventional cleaning processes?

Create the truth for your company by leveraging excellent data

Data increases transparency and minimizes the risk of wrong decisions – but the basis for this is excellent data quality.

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The bespoke audience sampling your team needs

Find relevant audiences and choose from over 400 socio-cultural segments worldwide – we certify our panel providers to ensure the highest quality respondents.

Engaging experiences lead to engaged respondents

Our user interfaces and survey designs are created to intrinsically motivate and playfully guide participants. This ensures authentic response behaviour.


Uranos AI detects inconsistent response patterns in real time

The multi-level cleaning algorithms exclude mismatched participants in real time – in addition to bot-protection, time-stamping and IP-screening, we use contextual cleaning to achieve 99.9% accuracy.

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