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Gain deep insights to prepare your brand for future realities

Create a solid foundation for your future strategy 

Foresight and
Future Studies

What are major trends, technologies, business models and relevant developments that influence your organization in the future?

Social and
Cultural Change

What are current socio-cultural changes and how can you remain socially relevant in the future?


What are emerging audiences, what are their underlying motivations and how can your organization grow?


How can you better understand your customers, listen and observe them with empathy and derive strategic business decisions?

Deep insights to make the right decisions

Today, socio-cultural change is clearly noticeable. Driven by new technologies, the way people live, inform themselves and make decisions has changed massively in recent years. Companies and institutions that fail to adapt to this change in time run the risk of losing their relevance to future customers or target groups. 


In order to find the right answers and solutions for the future, it is essential to understand which forces are driving this change, what impact they have and how you can even influence them. 

Findings beyond data

Empathic insights are findings from analysis that lie beyond numbers, data and facts and that arise from expert knowledge, semiotic classification and qualitative assessment and research.


This will provide you with the crucial knowledge to clearly differentiate yourself in the market and stay relevant in the future.

Precise predictions at segment level

Our cultural foresight is based on our research into the values and motivations of people in over 20 markets. We not only measure cultural change and its impact on societies, but also link these insights to our Uranos clåss system. 


This allows us to predict which socio-cultural micromilieus have the greatest affinity for certain social trends and how this will affect their behavior.

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