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Overcoming the social divide


Our Mission — Understand what divides societies to unite them

What is the problem

Our data shows that the values of different social classes and countries are increasingly diverging. This leads to a global polarization that divides societies. 

How it happened

People are constantly in crisis mode and are therefore susceptible to extreme opinions. The speed, density, and reach of information have increased dramatically, and digital media tend to be selective in their reporting. 

Why it matters

In divided societies, populist tendencies become stronger and can lead to the loss of democracy and the rule of law. It has been proven that people who live in democracies are better off in all areas of life. With increasing polarization, there is a risk that this quality of life will be lost. 

(e.g. Democrats vs. Republicans, Brexiteers vs. Europeans, vaccination vs. anti-vaccination)


Unite the power of great minds

The Uranos values research is unique in the world and provides deep insights into society’s shared and diverse values. Nevertheless, in order to change something for the better, we need to put these insights into action.


For this we need your help!


That’s why we are building a global network of supporters and like-minded people, thinkers and doers who want to make a difference in different areas of society, business or politics. The goal here is to create a productive dialogue and exchange so that solutions are developed that unite society more strongly again. 


Every idea counts. 


Write to us if you are interested in joining this network.

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